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Nov 1 - Nov 5, 2023
Amate Camp | Tepoztlan, Mexico 


Not many things in this life are promised. But the one thing promised to us all is that at some point, this journey will end. Life gives way to death and death gives way to life. It is the cyclical nature of this existence.


Light of darkness is an opportunity to die consciously in this lifetime to be reborn and see with new eyes all the light in your life.


This time of the year, when the veils between worlds are thin, is a time to welcome the darkness—a potent time to celebrate life and honor those who’ve left this realm.


We’ll use yoga, meditation, nature, ceremony & shamanic, energetic processes as sacred tools to journey through the cycle of life, death & rebirth. When we work in this liminal space, we open a portal to access information, retrieve lost pieces of the soul, heal wounds, and gain clarity of what needs to be left behind to create space for new things to be born. 


Honor who you were, who you are, and who you are becoming, and join us in the mountains of Tepoztlan in this celebration of life and light

as we enter the darkness together.

Let death bring you back to life



• 4 nights at Amate Camp Tepoztlán

• 11 plant-based meals

Yoga, meditation, breath-work

• Temazcal (Sweat lodge)

• Fire Ceremony 

• Death Rites

• Despacho

• Sacred circle
• Nature practices

• Sound journey

• Mindful Hike (weather dependant)

* Shamanic journey 

* Dia de muertos cacao ceremony

* Tepoztlan market and ofrenda walk


• Transport

• Meals or activities not mentioned

* Travel Insurance

* Bring your own mat


* * Bring pictures of your loved ones who've passed for 

Dia de Muertos altar

Image by Filza H

life,  death  and  rebirth  live  within  me

A breath-taking, energy healing space in the magical mountains of Tepoztlán 

** All rooms are shared

EARLY BIRD until JULY 31st


• Balcony

• Private bathroom

• 2 double beds

Early bird $1080

Regular rate $1200


• 6 twin beds

• 3 full shared bathrooms

Early bird $855

Regular rate $950


• Private bathroom

• Balcony

• Mountain view

• 1 queen bed, 2 twin beds

Early bird $980

Regular rate $1100


• Private bathroom

• Balcony

• Mountain view

• 1 queen bed, 2 twin beds

Early bird $1035

Regular rate $1150

- All prices are shown in CAD & don't include taxes

- All prices are per person 

- You can pay a $250 non-refundable deposit to save your spot & remaining balance up to 30 days before start date.

- Payment plans available upon request

- No cancellations or refunds 30 days before the retreat


the rooms

the  practice


All practices are designed to connect to Earth's rhythms & experience the time when things end &

a new cycle begins. This space in between, breaths, thoughts, moments; where life & death dance. 

Honoring both the light & the darkness, you'll experience different practices that will take you to that subtle space. 

Hatha, Vinyasa, meditation, breath- work, Shamanic journey & energetic processes, sound, ritual & ceremony, Shamanic rites.

No previous experience needed, only open heart & mind. 

Death as my teacher