For the wanderers, the curios and the adventure seekers. For the ones who seek balance, holistic nourishment, cultivation of wholeness and want to create a conscious life for themselves. 

Arrow Yoga is where  anything  and  everything  is  possible.

Fostering self-study as a daily practice to discover and explore all the layers of ourselves so that we can connect to our inner rhythms and  create our own journey in our own way, our own terms. Detaching from conditioned patterns and behaviours that no longer serve us. 

Knowing ourselves and using movement, meditation, and mindful exploration as tools, we open ourselves to new opportunities and endless possibilities to move forward in our lives, no matter where we're going or where we're at.

We are all capable of creating a balanced, healthy, happy life for ourselves by nourishing our body, mind & soul.

Arrow Yoga was created on the principle that yoga is everything and for everyone.

That the practice off-the-mat is the one that will shape and shift our lives. The one that will guide us to elevate our consciousness and help us see what needs to be seen; that will show us the path to live authentically, not only for ourselves, but to inspire and serve others.


COMMUNITY-  We are stronger together. We want to make those connections and co-create experiences from a space of love, respect, openness, truth & courage.

HOLISTIC HEALTH- Nourish your body with real, live, good-quality whole foods, more plants, more kindness &

compassion. Nourish your mind & soul with positive practices that will raise your vibrations and keep you present. 

CONSCIOUS LIVING- Bring awareness to every aspect of your life. Evaluate your choices, beliefs, connections, thoughts, goals.  Be curious, authentic and true to yourself. 

  Aim your arrow

Arrow Yoga aims to inspire, aims to share, to stay true.

Always creating & collaborating with like-minded people to offer practices, gatherings, events, workshops & connections that are true to Arrow Yoga.


We can all create our own adventure. Always learning from everything and everyone in our journey. 




Fashion designer, yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist and life lover, I'm a proud #mexicana living in Vancouver B.C.

I love to explore, wander and take all life in. As beautiful, messy & imperfect as it is. I try to find meaning in my days and grow from the darker moments in the best way I can. 

I find my happy from experiences and moments that take my breath away. Getting lost in nature, connecting with friends and family, traveling, exploring the unknown. 

Yoga came to my path in 2009 and I've been a student & practitioner ever since. Trying to embody all aspects of the practice, Yoga has inspired me to live a conscious life and it's taught me to be strong, flexible, courageous, compassionate and accepting both on and off-the-mat.

I became a yoga instructor in 2012 and have been seeking to inspire my students the same way my teachers inspired me ever since. 

I've had the fortune to study with amazing teachers and come to know beautiful, magical places in the path. I try to learn from every soul that meets my way and every experience that comes to me. 

I believe in creating our own path and following our true nature.

I believe that by really knowing ourselves, connecting to our inner rhythms, embracing, loving and accepting all that we are, our darkness and light, and using movement, good food, meditation, and positive practices, we are capable of creating the life and relationships we want. 

Through Arrow Yoga I found a way to share what ignites my heart, what I'm passionate about.
I'm here to share with you my experience, my journey, who I am now and my lessons learned.
The tools that have helped me go through the good, the great, the tough and the tougher.
By no means I think it's the ¨right way¨ ,  but all these tools sure have helped me become the person I love today.

I fall and rise, I smile and I cry, I make mistakes and make them all over again. It still hurts, I'm still left wondering what would have happened if I went the other way. But with practice, it becomes easier to let go and follow the light within.
That's the beauty of being human, that's the beauty of being imperfect and inevitably flawed.

I seek to inspire and I seek to serve. I believe in my dharma and I want to share my journey to inspire and guide others into creating their own, unique way. 

-Hari OM

your arrowyogi, 




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