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How  to get  there 


The easiest, but most expensive, way is to rent a taxi from the Mexico City airport directly to Tepoztlán. (The official stands are immediately to the left as you exit customs. Do ask the price at different taxi stands to obtain a fare appropriate to your means. This option costs about US$115. If you share the taxi with two or three other people arriving at the same time as you, the ride is cost effective. Vans are available for larger groups. The ride lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes, depending on traffic.


Another way to get to Tepoztlán from the Mexico City airport is to take an official taxi from the airport to the Tasqueña bus station (Terminal del Sur) in the southern part of Mexico City. As you exit customs the official taxi stand is on your left (if you are not coming through customs, flying from within Mexico to the main terminal, it is on your right). Do ask the price at different taxi stands to obtain a fare appropriate to your means. The taxi to Tasqueña should cost about US$16. From the Tasqueña bus station, you will take a Pullman de Morelos or Cristobal Colón bus to Tepoztlán, Morelos. The round trip bus fare to Tepoztlán costs US$15; the trip takes about 50 minutes. The bus companies run buses to both the center of Tepoztlán and to the tollbooth on the edge of town (la caseta). If you get a bus to the caseta, do tell the driver you will be getting off there and keep your eyes peeled for the tollbooth. There are Tepoztlán taxis available at both the caseta and in the center of town. Local taxis are the best way to arrive at your destination in Tepoztlán and will charge roughly US$3 to get almost anywhere in town.

AMATE CAMP is located at

Camino a Xilotepec, Xilotepec, 62520 Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico

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