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words  of  love

“ Dear Tribe,

Thank you so much for the most amazing days ever. It's been a really rough year for me and I came to Tulum not knowing exactly what to expect, but being with Lorena and Gigi felt like home. Thank you for reconnecting me with the 5 elements, thank you for reminding me that this beautiful Pacha-mama and Universe are my home and healers, thank you for giving me an amazing tribe that became family, thank you for nourishing my body and soul, for giving me human and earth medicine, thank you all for helping me conquer my fears and making friends with darkness and bats. Thank you all for the amazing food, meditations, divine yoga practices and for awakening my soul that was shut for so many years. I got there full of pain and anger and I left full of pride, joy, love and compassion. I love you , I’m forever grateful.” - Romina

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"Thank all of you!!! After  a wonderful retreat , full of love and peace , happy with my new wonderful friends ... I am ready to take my plane back to Mexico !!!  

But always with hope to see you  again soon !!!   Thanks Lorena and Gloria !!!! You made all this happen...  the best tribe Ever !! "


Tribe - I had a wonderful time with all of you. Thank you for being so warm, friendly, vulnerable, authentic, and open. I will have very fond memories of our time together at Nectar." - Sonia

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"It was wonderful meeting all the amazing women there and getting to know them.
The fact that all ages were present was equally amazing.
I saw powerful young women with wisdom beyond their years and beautifully mature women with youthful passion burning radiantly in their eyes.
The feminine spirit in me is strong - and I have always embraced it while remaining confident in my own masculinity. This is however the first time I have been able to nurture it, feeling safe as part of the collective.
It has profoundly changed the way I view and will interact with women-and I will honour all of you by doing what I can to enlighten my fellow men and contribute to a more respectful world." -Mark

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"Thank you Lorena and Gloria for sharing your dreams with us and creating this beautiful space to inspire our inner spirit and connect with other amazing beings! " - Cindy

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" I feel honored and inspired to have shared space and love with Lorena and Gloria and the amazing family we created at Earth to Soul. We cried, laughed, played and supported each other with a wide open heart.

So many beautiful teachings I take with me from these warriors of light.

Thank you for sharing your magic and love with us.¨ -Adriana

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"Life changing experience!"


Lorena and Gloria were amazing guides and curated a series of exercises that combined the elements through movement, breath work, food, activities it was so well thought through. The food was amazing, accommodations were perfect - but the best part was the spiritual journey we experienced as a group - everyone at home asked what was different when I came back so it really was a reset. 10/10 would recommend !! - Kayleigh G.

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Dear Lorena and Gloria ~


I have a heart full of appreciation for both of you and the magical experience you created together.    Waves of peace, love and a deeper connection to the Divine and the Great Mother continue to flow.   


Every detail of the retreat embodied love, unity, divine connection and self-care.   It is not easy to hold sustained sacred space well.   It means consciously embodying what you are teaching.  You two did it so well with both strength and humbleness.  The way you cultivated gratitude, loving/kindness, trust and mindfulness woven through all that we we did was key.   The practices were lovely, the food was nourishing and delicious.  Each of the daily outings were so enjoyable and deepened us into our practice rather than separate.   I thank you for your deep knowing, trust, and giving of your heart so fully.   I came back so filled with love and peace.  


You have every reason to believe in yourselves, and above all, the courage to move forward into the mystery anyway. 


What a joy to get to know this whole group you brought together in this special way.  Everyone should have a chance to feel your openhearted love and graciousness especially around the food.   I have traveled much less these last few years while healing.  Your loving and non-judgmental attitude helped me to release into trust. Salome and Billie were just amazing too!  - Mary

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