Start your holistic journey & create the life you want. 

Private One - On - One Yoga and Meditation sessions

Small group classes 

Holistic Nutrition consultation & follow-up visits

yo•ga योग


Yoga is your own unique journey through the layers of your body, mind & soul.

Practice with me to get a strong body, open heart and clear mind to bring awareness to where you are at this moment in time; in your life and in your body.

Learn to release the blockages and make the adjustments you need.

We will practice asana (postures) and beyond, we'll experience pranayama (breath), meditation and lifestyle practices to bring balance to every aspect of your life.

Let's practice together

Private Yoga Sessions 1 - 2 people


Private Yoga Session

Private Yoga Session 4  class

Private Yoga Session 8  class

Private Yoga Session 12 class


Yoga Sessions 3-5 people


Yoga Session

Yoga Session       4 class

Yoga Session       8 class

Yoga Session       12 class



Private Live Skype | 75min

max 2 participants.          






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All sessions are 75min

E-mail me at for more info.

Holistic nutrition

The practice of listening to what your body needs.

Learn to follow your intuition, be mindful in your habits, imitate nature and nourish your body, mind and soul with the best live, natural foods available to you. 

I will share the information and guide you in your own unique journey.

However, the work is yours. It’s your time to connect with yourself and your body and listen to what YOU need. 

It’s up to you to make the commitment and start making the smart health choices that resonate with you to create the healthy life you want. 


Let's  work together


Free - 15 min

Let’s get to know each other, discuss your main health concerns, lifestyle, and goals, and see if we are the right fit!

We’ll schedule an appointment via phone or Skype.

$125 - 60min

After our first chat, you've decided to kick-start your journey into holistic health. You will receive in your email, assessment forms that I will review. With the information collected, taking into account symptoms, conditions, current medications, supplements, lifestyle, and goals, in a 60 min consultation, we will discuss how to address the main areas that need to be tended.

You will get from me in writing:
 - A full nutritional analysis with dietary and supplement recommendations
 - Lifestyle and mindfulness recommendations


$250 - 60 min

You've decided to kick-start your journey into holistic health and want a little more guidance. We will have a 60min consultation to discuss the information collected from your assessment forms. Taking into account symptoms, conditions, current medication, supplements, goals, and lifestyle, we will come up with a program that fits your needs.

You will get:
- A full nutritional analysis with dietary and supplement recommendations
- Lifestyle and mindfulness recommendations
- Customized 7-day meal plan
- Grocery list
- Recipes
- List of local resources

$60 - 30 min

We will asses your progress, goals achieved, and setbacks.
We will discuss what worked, what didn’t, and continue to help you build your holistic nutrition knowledge by gradually building your current plan.
We will add, remove, and adjust the recommendations to keep moving forward towards your long term goals.


E-mail me at for more info.

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