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earth to soul yoga retreat tulum


Synching to Earth's unfailing rhythms moving from dense to subtle.

Beginnings can be hard, life can get messy, and things can happen that makes it seem like we can't move forward.


In our world today, it's so important to slow down and look deep within ourselves,

- for the answers are already there. 

We need to stop and listen, close our eyes, and see. 


Earth to Soul is a 5-day holistic experience that will take you on a soul journey that will change the way you perceive yourself. 

The practices will help you determine what serves a purpose in your life and what needs to be released.


Using nature, yoga, meditation, ceremony, and community as tools, this retreat will open the doors to opportunity and reveal what needs to be seen. 


What's included:


• 4 night accommodation at

Cachito de Cielo Tulum

• Welcome kit

• 11 Nourishing vegetarian meals

• Morning & evening Yoga & meditation practice  

• Temazcal Ceremony (sweat lodge)

• Cenote excursion

• Fire Ceremony 

• Yoga Trance Dance

• Mayan Clay Ritual at the beach

• Sacred circles & discussion

• Yoga mats and props provided

What's not included:

Airport transfer 

• Travel insurance

Not specified meals or activities


where  you'll  stay


A magical space in the heart of the jungle with pool and Yoga Palapa.

Away from the crowds and the noise of the city.

A sanctuary to disconnect from daily life and connect to your true nature.

THE rooms


CONDOMINIO (Shared dorm)

Eight beds

• Twin Size bed

• 3 Shared Bathrooms





Each villa sleeps two to four people and has a living room & fully equipped kitchen

• Twin Size bed

• 1 Full Bathroom

• 1 Half Bathroom





VILLAS INFINITO & LOCO (Shared  or private room)

Each room has a living room and a fully equipped kitchen

•King size bed

•Private Bathroom


Shared King bed      $700 (per guest)

Single occupancy   $ 1,327



No accommodation








All prices are shown in US dollars

All prices are per guest

$400 deposit must be made to secure your spot

Payment plans available

No refunds 3 weeks prior to departure



Cachito de cielo condominio.png


Check-in Wednesday, December 4th at 2:30pm | Check-out Sunday, December 8th at 12:00pm

THE  practice

Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether - the building blocks of all life.

All practices are focused on these elements. You will learn to recognize the power of each one within you and how to use them in your everyday life.

Combining Lorena & Gloria's knowledge and love for all that is yoga, you will experience a variety of practices including Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yoga Nidra, Breathwork, Yoga Trance Dance, Mantra and Sacred Circle.

All levels welcome.


Wednesday | Ground with Earth

Thursday | Flow & create with Water 

Friday | Transform with Fire

Saturday | Expand with Air & express with Ether

Sunday | Connect to intuition, consciousness & light

SAMPLE  schedule


7am               Morning Practice

9:30am          Breakfast 

11am              Nature

1pm                Lunch 

4pm               Workshop or Free Time 

6pm               Dinner

8pm               Evening Practice

HOLISTIC  nourishment

arrowyoga retreats bowen island yoga

Honor your body with delicious, seasonal, local, live food & elixirs.


Vegetarian meals will be prepared in the house; the menu is designed to explore the five elements more profoundly.



Practice mindful eating & other yogi & lifestyle practices to energize, cleanse & elevate your body, mind & soul.


Listen to what your body has to say. 




THE  land


Together we respect & protect the land where we step.


Honor those who came before us that made it possible for us to be here.


Feel the echo of their voices carried in the wind and listen to their wisdom. 


We will connect to nature & explore the land.


Experience beautiful Tulum, the magical home of aluxes, birds, and fascinating creatures of Land, Sea & Sky.



"Place of the Dawning Sun"





ARROW tribe


YOUR guides

We will gather & connect with individuals that will inspire you to learn & grow.


Humans from all shapes, sizes, backgrounds & interests sharing the same experience. 

Together we will:

Stay wild at heart & celebrate life moment after moment

Hold space for each other

Receive what everyone has to offer

Listen to inner wisdom and share from the heart

Raise our vibrations to elevate our spirits

Respect & honor each other with love & compassion

Empower & support each other to aim high

Stay true

YOUR guides

YOUR guides


Gloria Medellin  & Lorena Quintero will serve as your guides in this 4 day pilgrimage. 

They vow to honour you as an individual and provide loving support and knowledge as best as they can. 

They hope to plant the seeds of courage, self-love & truth to inspire you to create your own,

unique journey into a more conscious lifestyle.

They believe we are all part of something bigger and this is their own way of contributing to the collective.


May your journey be inspired to serve with love, kindness & compassion.

Share the love


Register with your friend, sister, partner and each one receives a complimentary healing session either, massage, holistic nutrition consultation or crystal healing.


Share the love

Previous retreat


"It was wonderful meeting all the amazing women there and getting to know them.
The fact that all ages were present was equally amazing.
I saw powerful young women with wisdom beyond their years and beautifully mature women with youthful passion burning radiantly in their eyes.
The feminine spirit in me is strong - and I have always embraced it while remaining confident in my own masculinity. This is however the first time I have been able to nurture it, feeling safe as part of the collective.
It has profoundly changed the way I view and will interact with women-and I will honour all of you by doing what I can to enlighten my fellow men and contribute to a more respectful world."

"Thank you Lorena and Gloria for sharing your dreams with us and creating this beautiful space to inspire our inner spirit and connect with other amazing beings! 


Tribe - I had a wonderful time with all of you. Thank you for being so warm, friendly, vulnerable, authentic, and open. I will have very fond memories of our time together at Nectar."

"Thank all of you!!! After  a wonderful retreat , full of love and peace , happy with my new wonderful friends ... I am ready to take my plane back to Mexico !!!  

But always with hope to see you  again soon !!!   Thanks Lorena and Gloria !!!! You made all this happen...  the best tribe Ever !! "

We hope you can join us and

create some magic together!

IMG-20190614-WA0032 (2) 2_edited.jpg


DECEMBER 4 - 8, 2019

Investment: Starting at $650 US

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