I choose LOVE as my path… enjoying each moment of this incredible life… finding every situation as an opportunity to grow, to expand and become a better human.

Always discovering new aspects of myself by getting out of my comfort zone. 

I find that breath is my favorite tool to return to myself, to be fully present in the moment.

In silence is where I can really listen to my heart, my beautiful and innocent heart who always knows what is best for me! 

I am fascinated by how complex and magnificent we are, the body, the mind, the emotions, working together so we can live in this amazing planet, full of beauty!

My biggest passion is sharing my practice, my life, through Yoga, Breathwork, Guided Meditation and Soulful Words, Dance, Massage, and lots of laughter.

I've done different courses and trainings including Hatha Yoga, Aligned Flow, Yoga Therapy and Ovarian Breathing.

I am forever grateful for this existence, for my life and for every person that is reading these words...

Gloria Guadalupe


Hatha Yoga 200hrs | Yoga Vydia Gurukul

Alignment flow 200hrs | Yoga Dicha | Tulum, Mexico

Therapeutic Yoga 400hrs with Silvia Roura | Tulum, Mexico 


Lorena has been practicing & living yoga for 10 years and offering classes, workshops and retreats in Mexico and Vancouver since 2012
Yoga for her has been a journey of growth, connection, transformation, presence and beautiful awakening

Each element of the practice has opened her eyes, heart and mind to new opportunities and possibilities

Through Arrow Yoga she found a way to create & serve. To follow her dharma & share what she lives & loves.

With every class, every offering, she seeks to inspire people to create their own unique journey into a conscious life by connecting to themselves, detaching from conditioned truths & listening to inner wisdom.

Lorena aims to share Yoga as an integrated practice that allows us to live our authentic self from a space of love, courage & truth.
A sacred tool to nurture the relationship with ourselves,
others & our surroundings, to reveal what needs to be seen & open the paths of liberation, to transform fear into a source of wisdom & expand the individual and collective consciousness,

Lorena believes that the 5 elements to a life of meaning are,
Community - Daily Practice - Holistic Nourishment- Character- Nature

She integrates these elements in all of her offerings creating unique, holistic experiences that aim to serve as a guide to practice all that
Yoga is on and off-the-mat.




Vinyasa YA 200hrs (Soul Yoga) |Alex Quiyono, Mexico City, Mexico 2011

Vinyasa Sequencing Lab YA 100hrs | Alex Quiyono, Mexico City, Mexico 2012

Hiking Yoga 100hrs | Eric Kipp

New York & online 2014

Prana Flow YA 300hrs | Shiva Rea

Santa Monica, CA 2014 - 2019

   -Chakra Vinyasa + Tantric Prana Vinyasa 

   - Embodying the flow

   - Elemental Vinyasa

   - Living Ayurveda + Rasa Prana Vinyasa
   - Wisdom Rising Immersion w/ Lama Tsultrim      Allione - Kripalu
   - Fire & Flow pranafication retreat

   - Yoga Trance Dance

   - Prana Flow Pranams

Kundalini YA 200hrs| Jivasu Pradeep Kumar & Swami Atma

Rishikesh India  2016

Holistic Nutrition | CSNN

Vancouver, B.C.  2017

Rainbow Kids Yoga YA30hr continuing education

Vancouver, B.C. 2018

Aquarian Luminosity, Kundalini & lifestyle TT

Tiaga Prem & Sarah Jade Gooding 

The Dharma Temple 

Vancouver B.C., 2018 -2019

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