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find your way back to your wild nature


For the wanderers, the curious & seekers. 

Arrow Yoga offers integrated tools for those who look for balance, sweetness, fire... those who want to know themselves at all levels, show up in the world authentically, & create change.


All practices are designed to go within, unlearn old stories, & learn new ways of nourishing our relationship with our body, mind, spirit, each other & our home. 

Weaving Yoga, meditation, Shamanic practices,

holistic nutrition, ritual & ceremony, nature,

sacred community & her Mexican roots, 

Lorena offers holistic experiences, classes, workshops & retreats in Vancouver, B.C. and Mexico

meet Lorena

लोकः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु)
the earth  has  music  for  those  who  listen
Tropical Leaves
words  of  love

 "...the best part was the spiritual journey we experienced as a group - everyone at home asked what was different when I came back so it really was a reset. 10/10 would recommend !!"

- Kayleigh G

"...It has profoundly changed the way I view and will interact with women-and I will

honour all of you by doing what I can to enlighten my fellow men and contribute to a more respectful world."



"...Every detail of the retreat embodied love, unity, divine connection and self-care."

— Mary

"...So many beautiful teachings I take with


me from these warriors of light.


Thank you for sharing your


magic and love  with us.¨



soy  el  tejido  soy  el  tejedor,  el  sueno  y  el  sonador

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