A vibrant vinyasa practice designed to connect to nature’s rhythms within you.

Experience the dynamic energies of the 5 elements as we move from grounding to spaciousness.

Invite stability, fluidity, transformation, love, freedom and connection into all aspects of your life

from your own space of truth. 


Join Lorena on a soul journey through the layers of your true Self and set new intentions. 


arrowyoga yoga vancouver workshop

Experience this powerful introspective practice to go to the deepest corners of your being & come back with new perspective.

Explore lunar conscious movement & yogic sleep meditation. 

re - store

Experience this dynamic flow to release and let go of anything that no longer

serves you. 

This is the time to cleanse, this is the time to burn old patterns and rise anew. 

Ignite connection & creativity.


 re - vive 

vancouvr arroyga workshops yoga


vancouver yoga workshops arrowyoga

live &  learn

Four unique sessions designed to take you on a journey through the layers of your true Self.

Explore the elements within and learn to embody their qualities on and off-the-mat 







yoga workshop vancouver arrowyoga

Take a one day holistic retreat to give yourself a moment to connect with yourself and listen

to what you need.

Nourish your body with delicious food, your mind with knowledge and your soul with positive, cleansing practices to take to your daily life. 










 body, mind &  soul



Arrowyoga Vanouver reteat soul journey

 re - set 

Immerse yourself in daily sadhana (practice) to bring into awareness all that you are.

Using the 5 elements as a guide, take the time to be fully present, discover & integrate. 

Go beyond the asana, embark on this journey of self-realization and set new intentions for your life.  

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