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Bowen Island 2019

Thank you

Beautiful Bowen Tribe:

We are so humbled and grateful for having taken this soul journey with us.

Thank you so much for co-creating this wonderful experience, for opening your hearts and minds, for sharing the delicious meals, your laughter, your tears, your voice, and amazing songs. Thank you for getting lost in the forest with us with so much joy and for transcending your fears, for stepping out of your comfort zones, allowing yourselves to be vulnerable and trusting us.
Thank you for shining your light and giving yourselves fully.

Thank you for contributing to raising the vibration of the beautiful piece of land that held us with so much love. To the Owl, the deer, the maple tree, the Water and the Sun, Mother Earth’s Spirit fully present in every moment, guiding and nourishing us.

Thank you for making an impact on our hearts and in our lives. Every moment was simply perfect.
You will forever be the light in our path and an inspiration for us to keep manifesting our dreams.

Always remember your Greatness, your beauty, and how magnificent you are. Always remember that the Whole Universe lies within. The truth, the beauty, and all the answers are inside.
Stay receptive, open, playful, and always true to Yourself!

May love and magic always be present in your lives,

Lorena and Gloria ॐ

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